About the Kenya Chapter

All IAIM Chapters are non-profit organisations that respect the IAIM mission statement, bylaws and policies and procedures. There is only one IAIM Chapter per country and each Chapter has an elected board and/or committee who are responsible for supporting the growth and development of the Association within their country.

The IAIM Kenya Chapter was registered as an association in Kenya, and recognised by the IAIM as an active Chapter, in early 2015. We are a fledgling group of Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs) committed to teaching parents and carers (in orphanages) how to massage their young infants, so helping families to bond and offering a stress relief experience for the baby.

The training of CIMIs, the setting of courses and the maintenance of professional standards are overseen by IAIM. However, IAIM Kenya Chapter is autonomous; it complies with the guidelines established by the Registrar of Societies in Kenya and has its own Constitution (available on request) and volunteer Executive Committee. IAIM-KC is responsible for its own development and funding.

Currently there are just under 15 CIMIs in Kenya who are registered with the Chapter and actively teaching infant massage. Please use the Registered Instructors page to find out whether your instructor is properly certified/registered by us before engaging them to train you in Infant Massage.

CIMIs strokes review (1)-1
Suzanne Adamson, a UK-based IAIM trainer, taking some Kenyan CIMIs through a strokes refresher session, which is part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The Kenya Chapter Executive Committee 2016

Chairperson Josephine Karoki
Vice – Chairperson Esther Kimani
Secretary Rachael Masaku
Treasurer Elizabeth Lawrence
Chapter Representative Hilary Ahluwalia
Ordinary Committee Member Susan Muriithi
Ordinary Committee Member Marsha Kimani
Ordinary Committee Member Catherine Muruka