Benefits of Infant Massage

The IAIM Infant Massage Programme benefits babies and family in several ways, namely through interaction, stimulation, relief and relaxation.


Through infant massage, a baby is able to interact with his/her parent/caregiver using:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication, notably eye contact
  • All the senses, notably touch

Through this interaction, the two are able to develop a relationship of trust and confidence driven by feelings of love, respect and being valued. Interaction through infant massage also promotes bonding and secure attachment.

Mugure and Maureen-2


Our Programme involves many different styles of touch and movement, and each massage may stimulate:

  • Circulatory and digestive systems
  • Hormonal and immune systems
  • Coordination and balance
  • Learning and concentration
  • Muscular development and growth
  • Mind and body awareness


The techniques used in our Programme have also been known to provide an infant with relief from discomfort caused by:

  • Gas and colic
  • Constipation and elimination
  • Growing pains and muscular tension
  • Teething


By regularly massaging their baby, a parent/caregiver may notice that the baby has:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone
  • Become more calm and is able to calm themselves
  • Less stress hormones


The benefits of infant massage are not only limited to babies and their parents but also extend to the entire family and to society. By involving siblings in the massage sessions, family bonding can be enhanced. Society benefits from the interactive pro-social behaviour and communication skills taught by the massage routine (notably seeking permission from the baby to massage them), which helps establish early socialization rituals and fosters self respect and empathy leading to these children becoming responsible, caring adults.